Tuesday, July 6, 2010


There is actually a pyramid in Rome, Italy. I did not believe Stephen when he told me about it. Then we went to see it. It was Enormous. It was built about 800 AD

Trivi Fountain. I LOVED it!

This person shows how the the people covered their mouth when the ashes from the volcano were in the air.

I loved the color of this aqua green stained glass. I have never seen it in any cathedrals except in Venice.

I got this picture taken right before the lady behind Stephen came up to me and told me no pictures (smile).

In Italy if you want to go into a Cathedral you need to have your shoulders coverd and a skirt/pants that come to right above your knee.If not then you get to wear this stylish, though somewhat outdated, crape pancho.

ILOVE this picture of Stephen. Both were taken right before dinner in Venice.

This was the seen right outside our room window in Venice.

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