Tuesday, July 6, 2010


There is actually a pyramid in Rome, Italy. I did not believe Stephen when he told me about it. Then we went to see it. It was Enormous. It was built about 800 AD

Trivi Fountain. I LOVED it!

This person shows how the the people covered their mouth when the ashes from the volcano were in the air.

I loved the color of this aqua green stained glass. I have never seen it in any cathedrals except in Venice.

I got this picture taken right before the lady behind Stephen came up to me and told me no pictures (smile).

In Italy if you want to go into a Cathedral you need to have your shoulders coverd and a skirt/pants that come to right above your knee.If not then you get to wear this stylish, though somewhat outdated, crape pancho.

ILOVE this picture of Stephen. Both were taken right before dinner in Venice.

This was the seen right outside our room window in Venice.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Food Friends and Fun

Nick and Mary Beth (above)

Jillian and Rob (below)

When I met and married Stephen I married into a big family. (His father was one of 8 siblings). Last night Stephen and I had a great time sitting down and enjoying wine, food, and laughs with his two cousin (Mary Beth and Jillian) and their significant others. It was a GREAT night, and I married into a GREAT family.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dog Photos

These are for my niece Sofia who looks up the blog to see Dublin and Salem's photo.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Great Escape! Part 1

Our third Anniversary was coming up, and Stephen and I decided to go to St. Augustine, FL. We would see the Fountain of Youth, walk through old Spanish-influenced architecture, maybe see Savannah again, and spend time together (awww). We bought our tickets, booked our hotel and rental car and then waited. We were going to leave Thursday night, the "Snowstorm of the Century" was starting Friday. We decide to "escape" the snow and continue with our plans. Maybe we would have a delayed flight getting back, but that was okay. Here are the highlights of our trip.
-We had a great time on Friday in St. Augustine,FL
-We drove to Savannah,GA on Saturday (another great time)
-When we were in Savannah, the airline called us and told us that our first plane back on Sunday was canceled.
-We rescheduled our flight for later on Sunday: we would have a layover in Nashville, and then get to BWI late Sunday night (right).
- Late Saturday night, after eating dinner when we got back from Savannah, our second plane was canceled.
- We were on hold 1 1/2 hours to reschedule for our third plan.
-Southwest tells us they could only fly us back to BWI on WEDNESDAY!
-We canceled our flight, and then rescheduled with another airline and flew to White Planes, NY
-Lars, my brother-in-law, picked us up on Sunday at White Plans and we spent the night with my sister Kim at her house.
-We rented a car on Monday and drove back home Monday afternoon.
-Below is what greeted us at our door. There was about 3 feet of snow on our cars. We are not expecting to see our minivan until Spring (LOL).
- In short we went through MD, GA, FL, CT, NJ, NY (a total of six states) in 5 days.

The white lump behind Stephen is our minivan, and the car you some what see is our Hyundai.

The white lump is a car parked on the street.

Cars had to be dug out from their street parking.

Thanks to my mother-in-law, we had a snow blower to help us at least see our minivan.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nemours Mansion and Gardens

Stephen and I traveled to Delaware to visit a house tour that we had read about. Over the years, Stephen and I have gone on many house tours, but I have to say this one was equal to the opulence that I have seen in France and England. When we got there, we learned that A.I. Dupont built the house for his second wife and based it on the designs at the palace of Versailles in France! We were not allowed to take photos in the house, but the pictures on the grounds that had french gardens and 5 different ponds with many, many statues.